Tuesday, November 08, 2016

29 months

Twenty-nine months and gorgeous, wilful, wonderful, frustrating. Long long hair.
Exercise routine in evenings, involving piles of couch cushions.
Corrected her own grammar.
Still likes orange.
Very matter-of-fact lectures from her.
Incentivised by an 11 minute episode of Peter Rabbit on the gadget at bedtime.
Lately heads off to bed without kisses, cuddles or being carried (not even Alpi last night!).
Loves the idea of birthdays.
Sometimes doesn't eat any dinner. At all.
Counts to eleven but skips ten.
Bragging about legs getting big and strong: "look at my muscles, Mummy!".

Back to Chorki, watching the mountains.
Spent three nights back up at Falls Creek, had company this time, a playmate for Milla, and for each of us. It was lovely, as always. Snowed on Sunday morning. Rides for everyone and a walk in the snow. Milla chatting in Charlie's ear in the Bambino carrier. I got chased by a magpie on my solo ride. Nearly clotheslined myself on the dam wall bridge as we didn't realise the gate would still be shut. Found that speccy waterhole I saw in photos. Thinking out the next visit, of course, always.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

28 months

Three nights camping. No sweat. Loved it.
Love this kid. She is really quite independent. Though terribly affectionate too.
We met a young Chinese guy called Jacky, he camped a night nearby us in Mansfield. In the morning he was packing up and Milla told me she wanted to give him a goodbye cuddle. I think she was too shy and just had a chat but it was a pretty cute instinct.
She and I had a grand time, two long leisurely days while Charlie was riding. Took the trailer out and did the rail tail towards Maindample. She walked, she snoozed, she sung, commentated. We went to parks, parks, parks.

Goofy family. 
This kid at 2 1/4.
Gets a sore red lip from eating a kiwi fruit.
Can count to seven for sure, sometimes 11.
Knows she is being funny/entertaining.
Latest catch cry is 'What's your name', though doesn't listen to answer. When asked she'll say her FirstNameLastName really fast and quiet and it's not comprehensible.
Knows happy, sad, grumpy, scared. Scared is for lawnmowers. And vacuum cleaners.

Mostly I collect her from childcare, around 4:40, to screams of 'MY MUMMY!!' or utter indifference. We have some routines, I must have snacks, she usually has a shoulder ride. She can point out platform numbers and knows we go home via Platform 6 at North Melbourne. Still obsessed with Flagstaff station (we've never gotten of there).

Monday, September 26, 2016

These days

  • 5:30am Bootcamp. 
  • 7:30am Watching diggers, watching Milla eat leftover split olive pizza for breakfast. 
  • 8:30am Drive to swimming lesson. 
  • Grocery shop, visit to park with Paddy and co. I heard Milla say "My name is Milla, what's your name?" to some big girls. I made a show of throwing mandarin segments into her mouth when she was on swing. 
  • Home to cook pumpkin pie, bolognese, roast veges, frittata, call Heath, life admin. Milla watching Play School, eating almonds, taking herself to potty. 
  • "I not tired" is the dead giveaway that she's ready for a sleep. 
  • 3:00pm quiet, dishwasher, diggers, sore foot, work emails, life admin.  

Weekend morning making pancakes. 
Milla is a cousin and I'm an aunty. Thinking back to those early days of milk-filled boobs and general haze. 

Milla's been in a study about sedentary behaviour and has been wearing 'computer pants' for a week. She's a pretty active kid! 

Thinking about how busy work is and that I should go to five days but Mondays are just the best. GAH. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

34/52 Spring is coming

Charlie thinks she's not toilet trained. But the toilet training seems a while back and she seems like an independent kid for the most part.

It's her imagination that's great this past week. The puggle under the carpet. The cat hiding in her tent. Making up stories about going on a holiday.

Train ride to Wangaratta, using the quiet/busy book.
Bike ride after dinner, light on helmet. Even in the dark, after fifteen minutes of riding, she remembers this was the bit of footpath that we saw some discarded rosemary stalks a few weeks ago.

She didn't nap for us on the weekend, but back at childcare it's at least a solid hour. After the train rides home, straight to her table to pick up her new scissors and start cutting. So much concentration.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

25 months

Cleaning the bricks. 
Zoo trip after a sleepover at our place with uncle and aunt. Funtimes apart from the senseless night wakings. Random.

Started to amass critters for bedtime... Used to just be Alpi, then doll, then rabbit, then baby, sloth, rat, more rabbits, a duck... Referred to as 'everyone, everyone!'.

Riding the balance bike around the block with skyrocketing confidence. Great for lighter evenings as winter begins to wane.

Hasn't done swimming lessons for maybe six months, maybe start again this week.

Hard to describe but seems strange to call her my daughter as she feels like she is her own person, Milla, an independent member of our family.

Did two year check in at the nurse and she's mid-range for height and top of range for weight. Speaking in sentences of six or seven words, sings her whole alphabet, can sometimes count to seven.