Monday, April 30, 2018

46 months

The fourth birthday party has been discussed at length, over months. Maybe we should get the invites out now it's two months away.

Milla things. 

Signature word: actually. 
Adores babies. 
Eats spicy curry. 
Listens to ABC Kids radio on weekend mornings on the couch so we have a lie-in. 
Transitioned to kinder room this week. 
Had third haircut. 
Doesn't ride bike much, scoots everywhere. 
Princesses are obsession. 
Reveres engineers and medics.

First day of kinder 30 April 2018

Sunday, February 04, 2018

43 months

My kid. Said today 'I'm nearly four', a new claim.

43 months and two days old. Wandiligong. 
Learning Arabic, Indonesian, more Chinese, all at once. Scooting with confidence.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Three point five

Self-portrait. Pretty Valley, 10 January 2018. 
Life at 3.5.
  • Tintin is the best and she talks about going to Kathmandu. Totally understood and was compelled by the story of the Yeti.
  • Rides with training wheels and riding gloves. Loves going fast. Good using her brakes. Hasn't practised scooter yet.
  • Sleeps through. Sleeps great in tent.
  • Mostly wet nappies, overnight, but desperately wants to rid them. Not yet.
  • Lately gets sore tummy and gets upset and distracted by it. Joy when a poo comes.
  • Great at remembering directions, landmarks, where to turn.
  • Tells us she loves us.
  • Gets a little sweaty head. We're so glad her hair got cut.
  • Loves princesses and talks about magic. Occasionally puts spells on us when angry!
  • Gives excellent hugs and hangs on so tight with feet and legs when carried.
  • Everything has to be negotiated. She has her own ideas about how things should be.
  • Started to get noticeably physically stronger.
  • Doesn't deal with sugar very well. Usually sends her loopy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Taking stock at 37

Making : Summer holiday plans over and over
Cooking : Mostly FODMAP food
Drinking : Three litres of water a day
Reading: Lots of excited 'YES!' messages after the survey results released today
Trawling: AI articles
Wanting: Simplicity
Looking: Out at all the greens in the garden as I drink my morning coffee
Deciding: On a new job
Wishing: For a wonderful fourth trimester for my new nephew
Enjoying: Milla and her character
Waiting: For the job offer to land in my inbox!
Liking: My new coconut yoghurt and peanut butter treat
Wondering: How Milla's first haircut will go tonight
Loving: Having a houseguest
Pondering: If I will actually read more books in 2018
Listening: To the tap tap tap of the keyboards around the office, including mine
Considering: My years at this workplace and all the people I have in my village here.
Buying: No Christmas presents yet, eep
Watching: Half of Jo Cinque's Consolation
Hoping: For a happy tummy
Marvelling: At how happy a new nephew makes me
Cringing: When my colleagues get their coffees in disposable cups.
Needing: A filing system for household papers.
Smelling: Pollen, jasmine and the warm asphalt
Wearing: Dresses most days
Noticing: New train stations being built apace
Trouble-shooting: Logistics, always logistics
Thinking: About writing a Christmas list
Admiring: Newly re-hung pictures
Getting: Back into morning probiotics
Bookmarking: Or more like, opening tabs and laving there all week, unread
Opening: A present from my Dad this morning
Closing: My mind to new projects here
Feeling: Queasy at the survey announcement
Dreaming: Vividly in the mornings
Hearing: Chatter
Celebrating: My own birthday!
Pretending: A little awkwardly in Milla's games
Embracing: Summer.

Inspired and loaning from Practising Simplicity and Meet me at Mike's.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Milla is my alarm. Hot day. Charlie away. She pitters down hallway. Breakfast is rice bubbles for her, cows milk and probiotics. Mine is cornflakes, coconut milk, flaxseed oil and LSA. We're up at bench, she standing on box, me on Thonet stool.

Summer dress but it's a cool morning so leggings, cardigan. Walking off to station. Panic trying to top up ticket. Making friends on train. Change at North Melbourne and tow her up ramp. Platform 1 or 3?
Make more friends on sardine express, farewells at Melbourne Central and up escalator and again and again and again. 8:25am so no clock chiming.

Through and across campus, brief stop in my office to bag drop and receive more attention, have chats. Sore legs walking up to Lygon Street, growing pains? Lots of seeds and pollen in the air. Up to childcare and warm greetings all round.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sick day

Milla is three years old and so healthy. Thriving. Growing. Sleeps well. Most weeks we stand her in the doorway to see if she's grown. Today she said 'iPad' which was a surprise. We don't even have one. Who taught her that? Looking at the candle on the restaurant table last night at dinner, she told us the word for 'fire' in Chinese.

We were at an Indian restaurant. She was sooky and annoying and didn't eat. The staff had lots of 'mango' specials on the menu, including dessert. The owner wanted to give some but we declined on grounds that she had refused all her dinner. He told her to eat it so she could have ice-cream. She shoveled it all down. Loved the ice-cream and shared it voluntarily with all at the table, and didn't finish it all.

This morning at 4am I woke to her in the hallway, crying because she left her backpack on the train. Sweet little confused creature went back to sleep so easily with consoling.

Who's that peeping? 
Mondays are a 6am gym day for me, I'm home at 7am to a kid with a runny bottom. Panic as we both have busy workdays. Then sweet relief when I remember a set of grandparents have handily retired. Hurrah.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Three years old

Three years old and planned her party: chocolate cake, orange jelly and presents. Lego from Charlie. Much nose breathing as she concentrates. 

Bum wiggle dance going strong.
Does letters and numbers in record time.
Recognises M and W are the same, reversed, as are 6 and 9.

Schools us in Chinese, can count to ten and name colours, and sometimes say 'wash your face' in Chinese. Intonation impressive to us and we never get it right when we try to copy her.

Last night, milestone, three years and three weeks, she got up in the night to have a wee by herself, negotiating her layers of PJs and to her potty in the dark.

Can write her name with a somewhat disconnected 'a'. Draws maps and rainbows and mountains and zigzags. Says she can't draw animals or trees.

Managed to serve dessert. Tower to fridge, container of fruit, bowl and spoon from drawer, tower to bench...

Very affectionate. Insists on lots of goodbye kisses and cuddles. This week very clingy and hard to say goodbye. 

Talks about the twins in her tummy.